Didn't Make the Cut 1889, 2023 print, original made with pastel crayon and micron pen, and The Worm, 2023, print, original made with pastel crayon and micron pen. 2 prints displayed in museum along with installation.
Artist Statement: 
There is an abundant and rich amount of information experienced during the every day. My work examines this richness through whimsical depictions that are recorded with handwritten text and illustrations as a nod to the visual and auditory. These passing ideas are fused in the present, that often juxtapose the brightness of the immediate and the personal, often comically deprecating commentary.    
Everything starts in my sketchbook and is drawn, printed and redrawn in order to hold these experiences in time as reflective points.
The subject of my illustrations capture ordinary moments witnessed, as well as imagined portrayal of my inner monologue and commentary. I use uninhibited wit to create an expressive, colorful world where the line is blurred between captured scenes and imagined dialogue. This further examines the fleeting nature of a moment and the lens in which we encounter and narrate our lived experiences.

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