An underlying intention in all my work is to invoke thrill and joy and to enhance someone's experience through my design and illustration. I am often inspired by the excitement, goofiness, and sense of adventure that exists in outdoor sports such as skiing and surfing, and frolicking about in the mountains; as I so often do.   
Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts at Denison University, I am thoroughly intrigued by design principles and their uses to reflect the aesthetic values of our world. 
My artistic style is also reflective of my interest in the editorial illustrative scene revolving around media, referencing works in the New Yorker cartoons, children’s books, and other published editorial illustrations. Most importantly, I am motivated by the opportunity to learn more about all artistic crafts, and how to apply these creative skills in a world of marketing, editing, copywriting, and fun-having. 
I hope to learn more about the ways in which I may emphasize play through my work, and I hope to achieve these feelings through my own creative strategies.
Influences for my work come from a wide range of artists such as James Thurber, Quentin Blake, Eliza Carver, Saul Steinberg, Isabella Cotier, Chris Benchetler, Jon Klassen, David Shrigley, and James Edmondson, among many others. I often look to designers, brand agencies, illustrators, and type foundries for inspiration.

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